Monday, June 11, 2012

[Review] The Legend of Sun Knight 8 !!!

Destroy the Devil prince, part II

Creus is happy being the devil prince. Not only he could see anything he want, dose everything freely and does not care much about the sun knight image, but also strong and rich!!

However, stay in the devil prince's castle is so boring. Creus Grecius created a game called "Hero" by gathering suitable people and treat them to be the hero to fight with the Devil prince.

By the way, the light temple prepare a troop, to bring destroy the Devil prince and bring Creus back.

The ended of Legend of sun knight, great fantasy epic from Wu Wo!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

[News] The Legend of Sun Knight 8 is launched !!!

From Yu Wo's blogs, the Legend of Sun Knight is launched !!!... in Taiwan.....

Umm... For Thailand, about the first quarter of next year!!
(I asked from the seller of Enter Book in Thailand winter book fair)

This picture from Yu Wo's facebook. Do you see the background... that is the front cover of LSK 8 in Taiwan. Is it the last episode of LSK? Taiwanese reader, please tell me !!!  haha

I think the launch date in Taiwan is 13th of November, according form the picture. =="

In November, 17th, Yu Wo meets and greets with LSK's fanclub. From the poster of LSK behind her, LSK 8 is the last episode of LSK.
what it gonna be???

Therefore, let's wait until LSK 8 translate into your language!!!
However, I wanna read now, even if I understand Chinese like Primary school Children!!

Hope you enjoy reading!!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[book] comic of LSK

Hope that it will be in Thai soon!!

This is the latest one form Yo Wo's blog. Comic vol. 6 ^^

And this is the fifth one O-O!!

The forth: It is a nice paper bag ahh!!

The third one came with A4 folder ( not sure for translation)

The second one, I firstly though that it is the first vol of LSK comic = =".

and the first one !!!!

I want it all!! ^______^
and waiting for the eighth novel.
Hope that is not the last volume of LSK novel.

// If I understand wrong you can tell me, I not quite sure about my Chinese now !!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Card collection!!!

       When you buy a book or novel, generally it will have something come with the book. For the legend of sun knight, it is the same. In Thailand, it has the bookmark inside the book when you buy it. The bookmark look like a card, card game. I have only 7 cards, because one book = one card. However, if we want more, we can buy from the publisher website, or collect from special event such as book fair. I will show all of them. ...

I have Tempest, Termis, Pinky, Neo creus and.... I cannot remember = ="

because they were lost when I cleaning my bookshelf long time ago


how about you?

Monday, June 27, 2011

[Poll] The first result

This is the result from our blog. The question is about " Who is the most favourite character for you in the legend of sun knight. The result as follow:

It shows that our sun knight " Creus " is the most popular one!!!..............congratulation!!!!
This maybe from his talent and elegance!!!

The second rank is Izot, the freezer of the holy temple!! No, the ice knight of holy temple.
I wanna to eat his ice, cake, sweet, etc...all recommend by Creus the holy sun knight. haha~
I think many girls want him, to be chef in their house. 0_0"and you?

The third rank is our judge, Termis!! His justice is the best in the world that made him got this.Is it relate? Maybe not. But his careness to Creus' life every knight's life is imply the good relation among the holy knight and their subordinate.

For me, my favourite character is Tempest. He look smart kind to all women!!
By the way all of them are very beautiful guys. haha~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

[review] The Legend of Sun Knight # 7

Destroy the Devil Prince

To be Creus the holy sun knight is not easy!!

But being Creus with the devil prince candidate is more difficult!!!

Because being the one who against the monsters and darkness, he has to be the container of the dark force, who is the leader of all monsters.

He was not the really devil prince now, two more people are also the candidates. No matter how Gracius Creus is, he may not think that the competitors are the one beside him.

To rely on someone with no reason will return him with the most expensive experience and its value is the life….

Definitely Creus cannot die; it’s turn that he will be revived by other people helps.

As we know, the side effect of this magic may be lost of something. If I revives and become …. not elegant any more, maybe better if I go to see the light god instead!!

Twelve holy Knights must be together, we cannot lose anyone definitely!!”

Monday, May 16, 2011

[review] The legend of sun knight # 6

Elimination of Undying Witch

Creus is the represent of the sun, symbol of moral and goodness. All people in Wallace city respect him.

We never know that he is popular and respected in the far away countries also.
The leader of the silence god’s religion from Gulsint kingdom, who is full of darkness, respects and like him as a fan club!! Moreover he also show to other the he respect him.

So badddddddd…… people will wonder about the true-self of Creus!!

Definitely, the coming of this leader with his warriors and priests will have the reason.
That reason is also related with the end of this world!!!

The story about the devil prince in the legend…..
That he select Leafbud city to be his born place!!

This is the time for decision.
What do you feel when ....

....the one that you trust.... betrays you?