Friday, April 8, 2011

synopsis : the legend of sun night

The legend of the sun knight is the fantasy and comedy(maybe too much comedy for me ^_____^) light novel. The story takes place in the world that people believe in god and god (may) exist in that world. There are many gods for people to believe. The power of each one is indicated by the number of people in their religion.

The popular one is the religion of the god of light. Because god cannot use their power directly to the world, so the gods transfer their power to their representatives. In the god of light case, the power is used by the holy knights, yes twelve of them.

Twelve holy knights (fan art)

The Legend of Sun Knight: the holy sun Knight is the leader of twelve knights. He had to take the competition to be the sun knight. Once he become the holy sun knight, he know that his true behavior is different from the behavior of the holy sun knight.(think!! what will happen~ !! hahaha) He also do the missions that the knight should do, such as rescuing the princess, kill the monsters, save the people form the the special(weird) mission(s) that will make you laugh.

About the plot, the writer writes this story by using the 38th sun knight to describe the story himself. (So if he will not tell us or he is faint, we will not know what happen during that time. :P) So the major part of the novel came from his view point, that weird, but his though make his life full of funny and able to live as the holy sun knight. You will see how hard to be the sun knight.

From the book cover picture, The illustrator draw the characters in comic style. That may make you easier to remember, because many people in the novel. Later, in the LSK Vol 3-5, the writer and illustrator decided to draw the side story comic. That so cute, however they have only 5 chapters. ^___^
The first side-story comic cover!!!
This novel is really funny and contain many interested ideas that may make your life happier. So enjoy your reading!!!~

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